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Image by Matt Howard

Jyotishya Deepika Journey

2007 to 2024
  • My humble salutations at the lotus feet of my Gurudeva, Bhagwan Brahma Chaitanya Paramahamsa Sadguru Shri. Shri. Shri. Sridhara Mahaswami Maharaj.

  • My MASTER transitioned from mortal limitations merging into the cosmic ocean of pure, unsullied consciousness in 1973.

  • It has been His Sankalpam and Blessings that has made my Jyotishya Deepika journey possible since 2007.

  • I wish to share His Blessings with everyone who visits this site and looks at this photograph. You will feel the positive, unconditional love and blessings pouring out to you, melting your heart and purifying your mind. His eyes are the most benevolent eyes and may His blessings touch you now.

Bhagawan Sadguru Shri Sridhara Swami Mah
The Genius who saved Astrology
  • Professor Shri. Shri K S Krishnamurti, the originator and creative genius, a man who perfected the art and science of predictions is rightfully called as the "Father of KP Astrology".

  • Gurudev, or Guru Shri. KSK, as he is respectfully known, created an evergreen oasis in the harsh desert landscape of Astrology prevalent in the early 40s to 70s.

  • Astrology was highly corrupted around the time when Shri. KSK set foot on this planet. There were numerous rules without scientific explanations and astrologers took pride in their ability to learn the shlokas, and create a seemingly erudite experience for their clients. However, these individuals practiced an art that they never took pains in perfecting and their failures condemned Astrology to being looked upon as a pseudo science.

  • Unfortunately, in this melee, the true Vedic astrological principles fell to disuse and ultimately they were lost across generations of charlatan "jyotish ratnas", who were a dozen for a dime.

  • The society was filled with charlatans, who would not only fleece helpless clients, but also failed miserably in their predictions. The market was flooded with "astrology quacks" who could "change one's destiny" through costly pariharas such as wearing gem stones, amulets, undertaking elaborate poojas and homas (Fire rituals).

  • Thus nature ordained Shri. KSK to redeem astrology from the clutches of charlatans and people with vested interests and greed for name and wealth, and, restore it to its rightful position as an exacting science.

Author, Designer and Programmer of JD Pro
  • I am Dr. Kumara Sanjaya, the author, designer and developer of Jyotishya Deepika.

  • I am a medical doctor, a Surgeon by specialization, and additionally I am also a self-taught software designer and developer with over 25 years of experience.

  • I started with Jyotishya Deepika in 2007 and have come this far in this exciting and fulfilling journey, solely by the Blessings of my Master and Guru Shri. K S Krishnamurtiji.

  • Jyotishya Deepika Pro 2024 is my humble offering in this lineage.

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