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Jyotishya Deepika Pro 2024 Rel 1.0 is the best version of Jyotishya Deepika ever, since 2007

  • JD Pro 2024 is WINDOWS ONLY software. Works best with Windows 10 and Windows 11 Operating systems

  • JD Pro 2024 Rel 1.0 is based on Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 - you will need to install this run time on your machine if it is not already installed

  • Important NOTE: For the best viewing experience please use a monitor/display that is atleast 1920 X 1080 in resolution

  • All users are requested to first install the evaluation version and try the software for 7 days; please pay the license fee ONLY after you have worked with the software and find it useful. If your machine's display resolution is less than 1920 X 1080, the fonts may appear very small and some screens may be unusable - although a lot of care has been taken during development to cater to multiple computer display types

  • Once a license key has been issued and sent to the customer, no refund will be provided for any reason - hence please buy the license only after evaluating the software

 Features in JD Pro 2024 Rel 1.0
  • Complete revamp and enhancement of Marriage Matching according to KP dasha vidha porutham.

  • Kuja (Mangala) Dosha (or Mangalik) Analysis - a feature that is a must have for matching charts for marriage; you can even produce a great looking report.

  • Comprehensive report generation - enhanced to allow you customize what your report should contain and also add your custom picture and opening and closing tag lines to a report.

  • Ephemeris Generator - complete new utility - allows you to create daily planetary positions for a given time - for up to 30 days.

  • Planet Transit Finder Utility - complete new utility - you can find when a given planet transits in the sign-star-sub of any other planet or a specific zodiac point (sensitive zodiac point).

  • Visual Themes for user interface - attractive light and dark modes have been introduced and you can configure the look and feel of the software exactly the way you want it to be.

  • Effective Significators and Fruitful Significators - are completely reworked - to be more accurate and more insightful.

  • Life Event analysis is enhanced to increase the accuracy - you can analyze any life event using a birth chart and relate it to the positions and transits of various planets including the dasha lords, luminaries and nodes.

  • The display of 4-step theory data is made more easy to read and intuitive.

  • Western aspects - the aspects are easier to read and assimilate as they are provided with a white background which helps you visually differentiate the beneficial aspects from the malefic.

  • The Kundali charts are enhanced and provided on a white background to help you visualize the planet and cusp details along with transit planets interposed in the same chart.

Basic Features
  • Chart types: KP Birth Chart, KP Prashna Chart, Time Chart and Lagna Rotated Charts.

  • Horary Schemes: 1 to 249 (classic) and 1 to 2193 (new age).

  • Support for multiple ayanamshas, including KP Classic and KP New (1993) and user defined ayanamshas.

  • Planetary and Cuspal details, providing the most comprehensive information in one place.

  • Classic 4-fold significators (A, B, C and D) with additional significators.

  • Ra and Ke positional analysis and planet representations – the most accurately implemented rules from classical KP teaching.

  • Sign, Star, Sub and Sub-Sub level details for all 9 planets and 12 house cusps.

  • Vedic and western aspects.

  • South and North Indian Kundali formats supported with easy one click switch within each chart.

  • Comprehensive Report containing the most essential features - with a single mouse click.

Advanced Features
  • Effective significators for any house cusp.

  • Fruitful significators – one of the most comprehensive and accurately implemented algorithms to determine fruitful significators for selected house clusters – example: 2, 7 and 11 for marriage.

  • Every piece of information shown on the software screen is backed by a complete explanation of the “rules” used to derive the information.

  • Advanced Event Analysis to analyse life events for a native.

  • 4-step theory of Dr. Gondhalekar ji.

  • Transit planets superimposed on a background of natal cusps and natal planets. Jyotishya Deepika Pro is the only KP astrology software to incorporate this view.

  • KP Progressed chart as per Shri. KSK’s original teaching.

  • Ruling planets – detailed analysis – again one of the most advanced and accurate algorithms implemented.

Powerful Tools and Utilities

Lagna Browser Utility

​browse accurate lagna changes for any day and also find the times of specific points rising as lagna during the course of a day.

Planet Retrogression Utility

​accurate dates for start of retrogression and resumption of direct course, along with crossing the original point of retrogression.

Panchangam Utility

​another feather in the crown; Panchangam Utility not only gives you accurate starting and ending times for the 5 Panchangam elements, but also specific times for starting and ending of timelines such as Raahu Kaalam, Gulika Kaalam and Yamaganda Kaalam.

Real Time Chart

​that you can change with a single click - get real time update for any date time and place.

Sensitive Point Finder

​find sensitive zodiac points from the sign level to upto the sub-sub lord level.

Time Conversion Utilities

​convert Local Standard Time (Time-zone based) to UTC and Local Mean Time and vice versa using the Time Convertor Utility and time expressed in Ghatis, Vighatis and Palas into Local Standard Time (Time-zone based), using the Ghati Time Convertor Utility.

Planet Transit Utility

           a powerful tool to determine when any given planet transits a particular sensitive degree in the zodiac based on sign lord, star lord and sub lord.

Planet Ephemeris Generator

            a powerful tool to find daily planetary positions for a given time - Accurate planetary positions can be determined for a given time.

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