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Jyotishya Deepika Pro 2024 Rel 1.0 - released on 21st Jan 2024 @14:00, Bangalore
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By the Blessings of our GURUDEVA, Sri. Brahmachaitanya Bhagwan Sri Sri Sri Sadguru Sridhara Swamy Maharaj, we are immensely blessed to make a "Release for Production" announcement for an updated version of Jyotishya Deepika Pro, titled JD Pro 2024 Rel 1.0. 

In view of the new version release, there will be no more sales of JD Pro 2022 Rel 2.0 licenses. All existing customers will be given an opportunity to upgrade to the new version completely free of cost.


Features Highlights - JD Pro 2024 Rel 1.0 (all features were requested by existing customers):

  1. Improved UI design - optimization of menu systems

  2. Vedic features added - D1 and D9 divisional charts (Shri KSK used to use Rasi and Navamsa charts for his analysis - Astrology and Athrishta articles); also positional strength of planets and Panchadha Maitri matrix for planetary relationships has been added; benefic, malefic and neutral planet tables - as per vedic astrology principles

  3. Transit chart made into independent window

  4. Birth Time Rectification made into independent window

  5. Marriage Compatibility Analysis (marriage matching) - completely redesigned and implemented - D1 and D9 charts added along with classic vedic 36 guna matching system; side by side comparison of Boy's and Girl's chart and comprehensive report

  6. Ability to add astrologer's notes and predictions to Birth and Prashna charts

  7. Ability to convert a time chart into a birth chart

  8. Event Analysis - completely redesigned to make it user friendly and intuitive - ability to save event analysis as an image for printing

  9. Reports - added support for including notes/predictions and divisional charts into comprehensive reports

  10. Refactoring of Charts menu design with addition of Marriage Matching within the main Charts menu

  11. Font optimizations for low resolution displays (small laptop screens)


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